The Living Computer Ilia Petrov - The New Calculus of the 21st Century


On 10 May (Friday) at 18.00. in the Planetarium of the Regional Museum of Natural History - Plovdiv will be held a public lecture by the Bulgarian scientist Ilia Petrov on "The new calculus of the 21st century." The lecture is part of the program for celebrating May 24. Access to the event is free, we recall that the hall is with a capacity of 60 sitting and 40 standing people.

Ilia Petrov is known in the world as the "living computer". He has been working on his method for three decades, introducing new principles in arithmetic multiplication and division of numbers. He is the author of several books, some of which are editions of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria. He has received awards from the world exhibitions of innovations in Bulgaria, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, the United States and Romania. He has exported more than 5,000 lectures on the numeral system from 1 to 9.

The scientist will show how to multiply large numbers in seconds through coded programs. For his work, Iliya Petrov has received many awards from world exhibitions for innovation - he has received four gold medals, one silver, one bronze, two gilded cups and one statuette.
His book "New calculus on Planet Earth" was published in over 103,000 copies.

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