Adopt the Adata – interactive environmental education on Maritsa river and Adata River Island


The project is part of the Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture and its implementation is funded by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation.


- “Adopt Adata” initiative start-up – approaching local schools and establishing student stewardship on a river section, which includes Adata island. The initiative will build on the successful “Adopt The River” project, promoted by REC-Bulgaria.

- Construction of temporary recreational infrastructure – a geodesic dome at the Maritsa River near to Adata island, which will use contemporary and traditional techniques for “green building”. The construction process will be described in flyers and promoted in a workshop for volunteers.

-Interactive outdoor educational workshop – demonstration of methodologies for environmental monitoring, adapted to the age and knowledge of the target group, water sampling from the bank and from rubber boat. The workshop will be followed by a presentation of the 2012 Documentary movie "Trashed" with the exclusive narration of Jeremy Irons at "Anglia Cafe".

The Project supports the sustainable development of the city of Plovdiv and contributes to the objectives of Plovdiv 2019 – European Capital of Culture.

Plovdiv is constantly developing as a national cultural capital and European cultural center, combining incredible historical layers, classical and contemporary art and ethnic diversity. However, the ecological dimension is not sufficiently integrated in the urban lifestyle. Our project will bring environmental education and public awareness, focusing on the green urban environment. It will also add open-air activities to the Plovdiv 2019 program. The events will be located at Maritsa River, which is the natural green corridor through the city, as well as the EU-protected Natura 2000 area.

The event’s location is on the right (southern) river bank in front of Ada Island and allows easy walking access for visitors from the Maritza Blvd.

If the Adopt Adata initiative proves to be interesting for the local community, schools and universities, it can be continued as long-term stewardship of the river section.

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