Tro child lectures for the NIGHT/Plovdiv 2019


On the 13th of September (Friday) at 18:00 the junior trainee of the Regional Museum of Natural History - Plovdiv Theodor Ionov will give a public presentation in the Planetarium. The lecture entitled "The Ten Animals We Are Glad Are Extinct" will be held thanks to a joint initiative by Theodor and the Museum on the Night / Plovdiv 2019.

Theodore already has a similar appearance in April 2018. His presentation aroused great interest and inspiration among the audience, prompting him to present another "bonus" theme to the guests. We expect Theodor to surprise us with something new this year as well. With this event we aim to acquaint visitors with interesting facts about the history of life on Earth, as well as to give another opportunity for Theodor to show his knowledge and talent to the public.

18:30 Planetarium Hall - presentation on "What lives in our backyard, cities, new forests?", Veneta Mahmudieva (10 years)
Veneta is very interested in animals and plants, which motivates her almost a year ago to become a junior trainee at the museum. To the delight of the visitors, she expressed her desire to be included in the NIGHT with a lecture to introduce us to the peculiarities of some species of animals that share our homes and our urban space. This will be Venета's first appearance in front of such a large audience.

Access to the event is free of charge, and after the lecture, visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the museum's exhibit, which is open until 01:00.

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