A new live exhibition "The most poisonous fish in the world"


On 21.10.2019 from 10:00 in the aquarium of the Regional Museum of Natural History-Plovdiv will open a new exhibition "The most poisonous fish in the world". A special guest of the event is the Plovdiv Mayor Ivan Totev.

The unique live exhibition will introduce visitors to interesting fish species, which are very difficult to see in nature, as most of them are bottom dwellers with exceptional camouflage and a solitary lifestyle.

The collection includes 32 species of freshwater and marine poisonous fish, divided into several categories according to the strength of toxicity. Among the most notable representatives are stone fish, rays, lion fish, fugu fish, scorpion fish and a sea goblin.

There are fish in the exhibit whose poison is so strong that it can kill a person in 3 hours. To find out which it is, come to the museum every day from October 21st!

* The exhibition is part of the live exhibit and is visited after purchasing a ticket for the museum.

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