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The library at the Regional Natural History Museum – Plovdiv was established on October 5th, 1952. As more and more interested in science and research young specialists joined the museum, the library became particularly rich and resourceful. Numerous Bulgarian periodicals were published, including “Works of the Bulgarian Naturalist Society”, “Proceedings of the Tsar’s Institutes of Natural Sciences”, “Journal of the Bulgarian Naturalist Society”, “Annual of Sofia University”, “Collection of articles on nature conservation”, “Periodical of the Bulgarian Literary Society”, “Flora of the USSR”, “Flora of Romania”, as well as lots of valuable field guides and reference books. The library contains almost all volumes by Acad. Ivan Buresh, Acad. Ivan Kostov, Acad. Stefan Petkov, as well as other scientists, who dedicated their research and academic career to Bulgaria’s nature.
The exchange of publications with related foreign institutes and museums was made possible with the publishing of volumes I and II of “Journal of Plovdiv Natural History Museum” and “Proceedings of the museums in Southern Bulgaria”.
Since 1967, the museum has been equipped with separate premises for the library. Thus, the literature was classified in sections – Geology, Botany, Zoology, nature-related journals, etc.
The museum library is strictly specialized in scientific publications, involving mainly items in Russian, Bulgarian, German, English, etc.
Today, the museum library comprises 7,740 volumes.

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