Our Mission

The Regional Natural History Museum of Plovdiv is important educational environments and offer a considerable learning potential. Collections exhibited in museum provide visitors with a tangible connection with time, places, events, or people and allow them to experience the evolution of human history and cultural heritage.

Our Experience

Our People

Our People

RNHM – Plovdiv has a team of professionals who daily contribute to its development.

Our Projects

Our Projects

The museum is developing many projects related to environmental protection.

Our Hystory


In 1951, the Executive Committee of the Town Council suggested the establishment of a Natural History Museum in the town of Plovdiv.


In 2006 the museum was given a new name – REGIONAL NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM. It became a methodical center of the natural history museums.


On 01.11.2013 to start the renovation of the building and the exposition of the museum, as the ambition is to transform it into one of the most modern scientific and educational centers in Bulgaria.


Certificate of Assistant Professor Dr. Ognian Todorov for distinguished respect in future development and on the occasion of May 24 – Day of Bulgarian education and culture and of Slavic writing.

Vezhdi Rashidov
Minister of Culture

Certificate of Assistant Professor Dr. Ognian Todorov for a significant contribution to the development and popularization of Bulgarian culture and art and on the occasion of November 1 – Day of the People’s Awakeners.

Boil Banov
Minister of Culture


The museum is an important educational environment and offers significant learning potential. The exhibits on display at the museum provide exceptional information on flora, fauna and space.

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*Visitors with disabilities can get around everywhere in the exhibitions.